[355fb2]Fredrick Kroger |UHHH|[-] was killed Thursday, August 16th 2018, 2:11 am


Backpack Contents


[00FF00]Cure Potion[-]

[00FF00]126 Antidote[-]

[00FF00]226 Bandages[-]

[00FF00]16 Greater Heal Potions[-]

Ash Short Bow

[bdbdbd]7 Bread[-]

[00FF00]18 Greater Stamina Potions[-]

A Pet Statue of Horse

A Pet Statue of Horse

[bdbdbd]4 Kindling[-]

[FF9500]539 Arrows[-]

[FF5d3c]Hunting Knife[-]

[2E9AFE]Shield Bash III[-]

Steel Halberd

A Pet Statue of Horse

Ash Long Bow

Ash War Bow


Vile Hardened Helm

Steel Spear
Vile Hardened Chest

Vile Hardened Leggings


NameTypeAmountKilling Blow
[A7A7A7]Bauer |UHHH|[-]Kill963
[355fb2]Fredrick Kroger |UHHH|[-]Heal428