[82abff]Rotgar[-] was killed Tuesday, August 7th 2018, 6:46 pm


Backpack Contents

Zombie's key

[FF5d3c]Hunting Knife[-]

Map of Upper Plains

[bdbdbd]2 Cooked Animal Meat[-]

[FF9500]Bind Portal Stone[-]

[00FF00]4 Lesser Heal Potions[-]

[FF5d3c]Cooking Pot[-]

[00FF00]83 Bandages[-]

Map of Southern Hills


[00FF00]Lesser Stamina Potion[-]

[00FF00]Stamina Potion[-]

[FFBF00]Coin Purse (14s, 1289c)[-]

A Pet Statue of Horse

[bdbdbd]3 Kindling[-]

[2E9AFE]Stun Strike I[-]


[d9d9d9]Full Plate Helm[-]

Iron Longsword
Iron Full Plate Tunic
Iron Kite Shield

Iron Full Plate Leggings


NameTypeAmountKilling Blow
Greater ImpDamage157
Greater ImpDamage158
Greater ImpKill244
Greater ImpDamage71