[A7A7A7]Gwartham Haldane |DoK|[-] was killed Wednesday, May 16th 2018, 5:00 am


Backpack Contents

[FF9500]122 Arrows[-]

[00FF00]7 Greater Heal Potions[-]

[00FF00]3 Cure Potions[-]


[1366AC]Teleportation Rune[-]

[bdbdbd]13 Cooked Barrel Fish[-]

A Pet Statue of Horse

[FF0000]Tattered Map[-]

[00FF00]54 Healing Salve[-]

[FF0000]Tattered Map[-]

Steel Vouge

[FF0000]Frayed Map[-]

[FFBF00]Coin Purse (21s, 73c)[-]

Steel Vouge

[00FF00]164 Bandages[-]

A Pet Statue of Horse


Bronze Halberd

Ash War Bow


Beast Leather Helm

Beast Leather Chest

Beast Leather Legs


NameTypeAmountKilling Blow
[FFFFFF]mindseyeAlreadyBeatUO |DoK|[-]Kill1020
[A7A7A7]Gwartham Haldane |DoK|[-]Heal520